Healthy Snack to Lower your Blood Sugar

So you know we’ve been into healthy snacks right? Now we also learnt that eating certain foods can lower your blood sugar! That is an awesome facts for us, even though we know it’s not that much of a secret facts but we just know it! Living in asia, we only know SOYJOY¬†for healthy snacks. We love them and we ate them a lot, for dieting and stuffs, but today we also want to share some foods/snacks that you can eat to lower your blood sugar:

So can you incorporate those foods into your daily diet? Well it certainly will be beneficial if your parent are diabetics, because you want to maintain your blood sugar levels right? Well if you’re by any chance indonesian and want to read more about this topics, I suggest you read this article about 5 cara untuk menurunkan kadar gula darah.

Well, hope it helps and informational. See you guys!